Quotes Season 1

1.01 - Pilot

LAMB: You need to go see the wizard. Ask him for some guts.

LAMB: Ummm...look at this. She cries. Iíll tell you what Veronica Mars, why donít you go see the wizard. Ask for a little back bone.

1.02 - Credit Where Credit's Due

LAMB: Meeks and Johnson lost him. I think those are two guys you hired.
KEITH: You hear that, honey? Thatís leadership. Way to stand up on your own two feet, Lamb and say, hey, the buck stoooops there.
LAMB: You know whatís coming up October 3rd. Are you doing anything special to mark the one year anniversary of Lilly Kaneís murder? Got it. Dress like a Sheriff and crucify some poor, grieving father, just for old timeís sake, you know?

1.11 - Silence of the Lamb

LAMB: Is your daddy here, or is he busy peeking in people's windows?
VERONICA: You stop dressing up like Little Bo Peep, he'll stop peeking.

LAMB: Strappin' on a guitar. Does it get rid of feelings of inadequacy?
GABE: Does strappin' on a gun?

LAMB: As always, a day late and a dollar short. I already got him sweating in interrogation. She was on one of mine.
KEITH: So how you wanna play this?
LAMB: I say we play to our strengths.
KEITH: So I'm good cop?

KEITH: I don't think we can eliminate the possibility that it was someone else.
LAMB: Like who? Jake Kane? Ah, well lookie here. He's writing. Keith, I'll handle it from here. We'll send you a cheque.

1.12 - Clash of the Tritons

VERONICA: You really don't have to do that.
LAMB: You're right about that. But I'm going to anyway.

LAMB: The thing about a felony charge is, it doesn't get wiped off your record just because you turn eighteen. It's like this black eye that you have the whole rest of your life.

LAMB: Veronica Mars is...smarter than me.