Season 1
Mid 1876: Soon after Custer's Last Stand , the first season of Deadwood takes place six months after the founding of the camp. Most of those who live far and outside of the camp have dreams of living in Deadwood to get richer and have a gold claim; however, when they arrive, new citizens find that Deadwood is unlike its positive reputation. It is a lawless place where greed and corruption rule; and in order to make your fortune you have to make something of yourself.
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Season 2
Early 1877: One year after the events that occurred previously in the camp of Deadwood, Seth Bullock has become the sheriff with Charlie Utter as his deputy, and what was once a lawless place has miraculously become orderly. The camp is progressing swimmingly with many inventions that later have become necessities, such as the telegraph and a bank . Former Bella Union hostess Joanie Stubbs has founded her own brothel called the Chez Amis. Both a well connected geologist and a government official have arrived at the camp, to the dismay of several residents. Al Swearengen is still known as the unofficial head of the camp. Seth Bullock's family have arrived in town, forcing him to break off his relationship with Alma Garret and balance out his time between co-owned hardware store, sheriff's duties, and family.
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Season 3
Mid 1877: Six weeks after the events of the Second Season, the first steps of civilization and law begin to enter the town; as well as the interests of larger, more powerful entities in particular Hearst and his mining company. Deadwood preps itself for its first elections as it enters the Dakota territory, with Seth Bullock vs. Harry Manning (sheriff) and Sol Star vs. E.B. Farnum (mayor).
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