Season 1

1.06 - My Room

MASON: How you doing?
DAISY: I don't think so

1.07 - Reaper Madness

MASON: Daisy, darling, if you need a place to crash you know you can...
DAISY: Yeah, not in that life, not in this one, not ever, but thanks.
MASON: Okay.

1.08 - Sunday Mornings

MASON: Daisy you were an actress, wern't you? Did you ever sleep with a dwarf? did you blow a dwarf?
DAISY: Don't be stupid, they're cartoons

DAISY: Shakespeare sonnets? What an elegant slender volume why Mason is your coffee table uneven? Wait... is there a girl? someone special you want to "shag"?
MASON: I don't want to shag her Daisy. I... I do want to shag her but not in the usual way. I like her
DAISY: Oh my
MASON: She's different, she's sweet, she's sophisticated, she's a college girl
DAISY: A college girl? hmm
MASON: Um, what is that supposed to mean? What does that mean?
DAISY: Nothing. How did you meet?
MASON: Uh, I hit some bloke on the head who was trying to date-rape her
DAISY: mmm, a story to tell the grandkids
MASON: Yeah, but forget it.
DAISY: Mason, come on. It's a bit strange seeing you this way.
MASON: She's different DAISY: I get that.
MASON: Not too different.
DAISY: Oh no no no it'll be fine. you'll sweep her off her feet,show her there's more to life than book learning. She'll teach you about salad forks, the romanytic poets and you'll teach her about car theft and amphetamines.
MASON: Fuck you Daisy
DAISY: I'm sorry, I hope that it all works out, honey.

1.10 - Business Unfinished

DAISY: I'm gonna need you to move out for a few days.
MASON: you expect me to move out of my own house.
DAISY: Yeah, right away I don't know how long I'll have her.
Mason: How will I be compensated.
DAISY: How would you like to be compensated?
MASON: 50% of the takings and 100% of your clothes off.
DAISY: 10% and a hand shake.
MASON: 25% and a quick grope.
DAISY: 15% and I'll let you see them for five seconds.
MASON: Done.
MASON: That was so worth it.

1.13 - Vacation

DAISY: I've always wanted to knock over a liquor store.
MASON: Yeah? well I could help you out there.
DAISY: Okay, we'll be the next Bonnie and Clyde.
MASON: Yeah? really?
DAISY: No, never, not ever

MASON: Let's not pretend me and you--nasty little spark.
DAISY: No, none, niet, nada, never.
MASON: All right, then. Wager. If I win, you kiss me.
DAISY: (she puts her milk down, picks up a coin) Fine. Call it.
MASON: Tails DAISY: (she throws it up in the air, catches it, looks at it) Oh... (it's heads)Mason.
MASON: Yeah?
DAISY: You don't any money, your hygiene is suspect, your clothes alone disqualify you and you're not even alive.

DAISY: What do you say the very second we're done here, we go back to my place for a drink?
MASON: Don't fuck with me Daisy.
DAISY: I probably won't but a drink isn't gonna kill anybody, least of all us. right?, what's your poison?. I'm guessing Jamesons.
MASON: Uh, yeah, I gue...
DAISY: you're not so bad company. I'm guessing with some disinfectant soap and American dentistry, You'd clean up just fine.

DAISY: You ready for that drink?
MASON: You know what? maybe some other time, eh?Come on, I'll walk you out, Daisy. (puts his arm around her. It goes to the computer screen where it says Adair, Daisy. "Why has no one ever loved me?")

1.14 - Rest In Peace

DAISY: How long has it been Mason?
MASON: It's been a while.
DAISY: How long? How long exactly.
MASON: A few months.
DAISY: How long Mason?
MASON: fifteen alright.
DAISY: My stars, That's pathetic.
MASON: Look I don't know what to do; I can't think straight, I'm losing my mind. Daisy you have to find me a woman.
DAISY: Be your pimp?
MASON: Pimp me, pimp me.
DAISY: Don't you have a soul to reap?
MASON: Yeah right here, right next to Zulu records. There's hot girls in here all the time.
DAISY: Well my post is not until later. Let's see what kind of game you got.

DAISY: Alright This place is all about the initial salvo, opening line; it has to be clever, but at the same time suggest inner beauty. Do you think you can do that?
MASON: Yes. What is the line that has worked on you?
DAISY: I'm Gary Cooper.
MASON: That's not going to work for me Daisy.
DAISY: Yeah. Just be yourself.
DAISY: Only smarter, richer, more successful, clean shaven and I'm guessing a bigger cock.
MASON: Right
DAISY: You're English, use that to your advantage. be James Bond, give them the sexual innuendo.