1.06 - My Room

DAISY: Oh my god! youre toilet seat girl? no wonder youre so annoyed, well then I guess we're both famous

DAISY: Today I'm going to buy The New York Times, since you obviously don't have it delivered. Then I'm going to sit at that little corner shop and have a green tea and a muffin and then I'm going to look for a sweater set. This afternoon if I'm so obligated im going to collect someone's soul before they die and if I look
really pretty while I'm doing it well, then good for me, that's what I do Georgia.

DAISY: Good god. It's as if your tongue is just flapping loose in your mouth. Didn't anyone ever teach you diction?

1.07 - Reaper Madness

DAISY: Used cars are for...well they're for other kinds of people.

DAISY: There's nothing wrong with me. I like things the way I like them and I despise big fat globules of cottage cheese. Does that make me strange?

DAISY: I don't think I've ever used anything used.