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Episode Number: 129   
Season Num: 7   
First Aired: Tuesday November 12, 2002

Writing credits

The writing of this episode is credited to Jane Espenson and Drew Goddard . However, according to the commentary by Espenson and Goddard on the DVD, this episode actually had four distinct writers: Espenson wrote the Dawn scenes, Goddard wrote the Geek Trio scenes, Joss Whedon wrote the Buffy-Holden scenes, and Marti Noxon wrote the Willow-Cassie scenes. [1] Since Whedon and Noxon were the executive producers of the show, they would often forego formal credit for their contributions to various scripts.

Under a severe time and production crunch, it became necessary to have four writers writing this episode. This, as well as actor scheduling conflicts, inspired the structure of the episode where characters are isolated from each other because all four writers wrote independently of each other. Espenson actually traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, and wrote her segment on a gambling weekend.

Regular cast

Regular cast members Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield do not appear in this episode.

Guest cast