Several separate encounters take place around Sunnydale on one night. What makes this particular episode unique is none of the major characters (Dawn, Buffy, Willow) interacts with each other during this show.

On patrol, Buffy discovers that her latest vampire foe is an old classmate, and the two reminisce. However, after she learns that Spike killed him - thus meaning that Spike can now harm humans - the vampire tries to convince her to die, and she kills him.

In the library , Willow runs into the ghost of Cassie, a girl Buffy once helped , who claims to have been sent by a ghostly Tara . The ghost, however, soon tries to warn Willow that she will kill everyone, and that she should kill herself. Willow is not fooled, and the figure reveals itself to be not Cassie, but The First.

At home, Dawn is attacked by a malevolent force, also witnessing what appears to be her mother 's ghost.

Spike picks up a woman at a bar and takes her home, where he feeds on her.

Jonathan and Andrew, meanwhile, return from Mexico to dig up an artifact hidden near the Hellmouth . Andrew is secretly in contact with what he believes to be the ghost of Warren. After they have done their task, "Warren" goads Andrew into killing Jonathan, whose blood spills onto the artifact.