Quotes Season 3

3.14 - Infinite Possibilities, Part 1: Daedalus Demands

JOHN: Do you think I'm crazy?
AERYN: Mmm. I've always thought you were crazy. You know that.

JOHN: Yeah... sorry to screw up your life again.
AERYN: Yeah, as long as you know it's all your fault.

AERYN: If you hadn't fallen into a wormhole, you never would have met...
JOHN: Rygel.
AERYN: Furlow, I would think, is a better match for you. You could pool your knowledge and chase wormholes all you want.

RYGEL: This is different, I'm unprotected here! What happens if they fire in a mortar shell?
AERYN: That's simple: you'll die, so keep them back.

AERYN: We'll make a soldier out of you yet, Rygel.


3.17 - The Choice

AERYN : If I squeeze my eyes closed... tightly enough... you could be someone else.

AERYN : Let me guess. You're my long lost sister.

AERYN : Yes, he loved me. He was very.... He made me better.

AERYN : When I first met him, I knew he wasn't my father, but he knew all these details about you and me.

AERYN : Of course, I hoped... that he might be Talyn. Just as I'd hoped that I might see Crichton again... but in my heart... I knew that that was not my father. And then you walked in. You know, we Peacekeepers think that we are so remarkable. Soldiers without... equal. Precise tacticians. Pure bloods. But, I've realized, we're not remarkable. We do nothing for love. Not one thing.

AERYN : So. This is it? Kill me now. Destroy the last piece of your life... and leave nothing.

AERYN : Maybe... I could have become something different. If you'd lived, I could have truly changed. But you are gone. And I am... what I was bred to be.


2.20 - Into The Lions Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter

AERYN : Am I a traitor? Well, that depends upon your definition.
HENTA : Define it how you like. You're the one who left.
AERYN : Well, no I didn't have a choice in that. Crais decided I was irreversibly contaminated and he threw me out.
HENTA : And then he turned renegade and he got thrown out. You could have come back.
AERYN : It was too late then.
HENTA : You think you didn't have a choice?
AERYN : I didn't want to come back.

HENTA : Then you've rejected our ideals?
AERYN : No, not all of them. I've actually kept loyalty, sacrifice, honor. Not all Peacekeepers believe in those ideals you know.

AERYN So, what... now you're actually considering helping Scorpius?


3.22 - Dog With Two Bones

AERYN : ...you died. I watched that happen and yet you're still alive. I have to go.

AERYN : Do you love Aeryn Sun?
JOHN : Beyond hope.
AERYN : Then, don't make me say good-bye and don't make me stay.